FabricAir Lite

FabricAir® Lite is available as non-permeable fabric. The fabric is strong and durable – anti-microbial and anti-static features are optional.

FabricAir® Lite is machine washable and retains its dimensions after washing (max. 0.5% shrinkage). The fabric is available in several standard colors. 

FabricAir® Lite is a lightweight non-permeable Oeko-Tex 100 certified fabric series that offers anti-microbial and anti-static options, making these fabric variants ideally suited in areas of strict hygiene. Due to the nature of the fabric, FabFlow™ and long directional throw models using nozzles or jets are not an option.

FabricAir® Lite fabrics are machine washable and retain their dimensions after washing (max. 0.5% shrinkage).

The fabric is available in standard colors.

All FabricAir® Lite variants come with a 3-year warranty.


FabricAir® Lite 20 is supplied with a specially developed anti-microbial treatment, which is especially suited for areas with strict hygiene requirements. It is anti-static and does not conduct static electricity. It comes with a 3-year warranty.


FabricAir round duct is the most commonly used duct profile and is typically found in open ceiling applications. The duct diameter can be made as small or as big as required.

The Circle Section duct can be used when there is a hard ceiling to attach to. Typically this profile is used when there is not enough head room to allow for the use of a Half-round duct. 

Internal 360° Hoops

Flow models



With MicroFlow™, the air exits the duct via laser-cut micro-perforations on a larger percentage of the duct’s surface area.
When used as the primary flow model, the perforated area covers between 25% to 100% of the duct’s surface area.
MicroFlow™ has the smallest near-zone of all of the perforated fabrics available; the near-zone will not extend beyond 300 mm [≈12 in]. 



WithPerfoFlow™ the air exits the duct via laser cut perforations along the circumference of the duct.

The perforations can cover between 90° and 360° of the duct’s circumference.

The size of the near zone depends on the static pressure inside the duct, the percentage of the circumference that is perforated, and the size and spacing of the perforations.  



SonicFlowTM is a directional flow model where the air exits the duct via rows of laser cut perforations. Multiple rows of SonicFlowTM can be specified for a duct, with each row covering a maximum of 30° of the circumference. The throw depends on the static pressure inside the duct, the size, and spacing of the perforations.



OriFlowTM is a directional flow model where the air exits the duct via rows of laser cut orifices. Multiple rows of OriFlowTM can be specified for a duct. The throw depends on the static pressure inside the duct, the size, and spacing of the orifices.

Data sheet


Fabric type:
95  g/m²
[field_thickness]  mm [inch] EN ISO 5084:1996 (ASTM D1777-96)
0  (±5%) m³/m²/h at 120 Pa
0  (±5%) [CFM/ft² at 0.5” Static]EN ISO 9237:1995 (ASTM D737, Frazier)


Strength - Warp:
870  N EN ISO 13934-1
Strength - Weft:
405   N EN ISO 13934-1
0.5 % Max. °C [°F] EN ISO 5077
Heat resistance - continuous:
from -40 to +100 [from -40 to +212]   °C [°F]
Heat resistance - softening:
+150°C [+302°F]  °C [°F]


Code Compliance

EN 13501-1:
B-s1,d0 EN 13501-1
GB 8624:
B-s1,d0, t1 GB 8624

Performance certificates

Additional Approvals

All-in-One available:

FabricAir® believes that all data, statements, technical information, etc., listed in this Technical Data Sheet regarding the product and the use of the product are accurate and reliable. However, the product will only be covered by FabricAir®’s guarantees or warranty if the final use for the product has been approved by FabricAir® in writing. No representative is authorized to approve the final use of the product on behalf of FabricAir®.

Variations of the fabric

Permeable Flame Retardancy Antistatic Anti-microbial Warranty
  Lite 5 Flame Retardant 3
  Lite 10 Flame Retardant 3
  Lite 15 Flame Retardant 3
  Lite 20 Flame Retardant 3

Certificate comparison

Compare certificates for FabricAir Lite

Lite 5 Lite 10 Lite 15 Lite 20
EN 13501-1 B-s1,d0 B-s1,d0 B-s1,d0 B-s1,d0
GB 8624 B-s1,d0, t1 B-s1,d0, t1 B-s1,d0, t1
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Yes Yes Yes Yes

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The ability to launder FabricAir ducts is one of the many unique advantages of selecting fabric over metal ducting.

Shrinkage is less than 0.5%

Duct shrinkage can be a serious problem if uncorrected. Suppose you take down a duct to wash it and afterwards it is two feet shorter and two inches smaller in diameter. 

Internal 360° Hoops
The Internal 360° Hoops are mounted in sleeves on the inside of the ductwork creating a closed circuit around the circumference.
All-in-One for better looking ducts

All-in-One Support consists of semi-circular hangers, made from anodized aluminum, sewn into pockets on the exterior of the duct at fixed intervals.