Food - Ideal air distribution for the production of confectionery in Guschlbauer, Austria

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Case study
Client or Site Name Guschlbauer
Location St. Willibald
Country Austria
Job category Food: Confectionery Production
Year 2019
Contractor M-TEC Kältetechnik GmbH
Kind of fabric Combi 90
Color name A tailor-made solution in light-grey
Installation Type 8 suspension solution consists of an H-rail suspended using stainless steel cables
Total air flow 48,000 m³/h | Pstat 120 Pa
Flow models MicroFlow™ 360°
The traditional company Guschlbauer needed a hygienically sound air dispersion solution, which also ensured a pleasant working environment for employees.
Guschlbauer is one of the largest confectionery producers in Austria and sells its confectionery products far beyond the borders of Austria. The success speaks for itself and Guschlbauer went through a successful expansion, which meant that they had to increase their production volume.
The confectionery production in St. Willibald, Austria, required a condensation-free, even air dispersion system, made from fire-resistant materials. In addition, the acoustic properties played a role and because it is a food production facility, hygiene was paramount. In order to save time, assembly should be quick and easy. 
Based on all these criteria and wishes, FabricAir was able to stand out from the competition and win the contract.
A tailor-made solution in light-grey Combi 90 was delivered through M-TEC Kältetechnik GmbH. In addition, the suspension solution was supplied in stainless steel and anodised aluminium. The Type 8 suspension solution consists of an H-rail suspended using stainless steel cables.
Since the non-permeable fabric was micro-perforated using laser cutting technology, a flow model known as MicroFlow™ 360°, a draft-free air dispersion was achieved covering the entire length of the hall, which offers the highest level of comfort.
The air dispersion solution met the expectations and wishes of the client, Guschlbauer.
Michael Auinger, Production Manager at Guschlbauer said: “We are very satisfied with the implementation of the air conditioning solution using textile channels. In the summer, we need an absolutely draft-free and even air distribution or cooling system to ensure the quality of our products. The employees who work for five days in 3-shift operation were thus able to achieve an optimal working environment.
Planner Martin Arnreiter, Managing Director at TB Arnreiter GMBH Engineering Office for plumbing, heating, climate said: “The client insisted on a constant air conditioning of the production halls on 18°C in order to be able to produce their products in perfect quality. This could only be realized in the tight timeframe by using fabric ducting. The solution provides with maximum comfort and guarantees optimal and imperceptible cold air distribution in the production halls. Finally, it should be noted that refrigeration production was carried out in a particularly economical way with a modulating cascade system.
Photos with permission, Kerstin Hainzl.